Terms and conditions of service

Any natural person with the capacity to work who authored the work that is being submitted to this call for applications via the online service of the Croatian National Tourist Board available at www.photo.croatia.hr can apply.

By submitting their work to the call for applications via this online service, the applicants provide the Croatian National Tourist Board (hereinafter "HTZ") with a provisional offer based on which a separate contract with HTZ will be signed, provided that their work has been selected, which will govern the applicant’s copyright in more detail, i.e. the conditions under which HTZ will reproduce, distribute, adapt and transmit the applicant’s work to the public, especially the remuneration that HTZ will pay to the applicant for using their work, i.e. for the copyright that shall be laid down in a separate contract. 

By signing a separate contract, the applicant shall authorise HTZ to use the author’s work or works exclusively and with no limitations in terms of content, space and time, which shall especially include the following copyrights:

  • right to reproduce (multiplication right),
  • right to distribute (placement right),
  • right to inform the public of the author’s work,
  • the right to adapt.


By signing a separate contract, the applicant authorises HTZ to transfer the copyright to a third party without the author’s, i.e. applicant’s, separate additional consent.

By virtue of this Contract, the moral rights stay with the applicant, who shall be designated as the author in line with technical and other capabilities within the scope defined by a separate contract.

Each applicant shall guarantee to be the exclusive holder of copyright over the submitted piece of work and shall be held materially, morally and criminally liable. In line with the above, the applicant shall be liable to HTZ or to any other third party for any potential losses, damages, costs or expenses of any kind that directly or indirectly result from the use of submitted works in any way.

In case HTZ is forced to pay any kind of compensation for violating third parties’ copyright, the applicant who submitted the work over which they do not hold the exclusive copyright or had transferred it to a third person or has limited right of use is obliged to compensate HTZ for the damage thus caused.

The applicant who submits photographs of children or of third parties or of locations whose recording is subject to a special permit or consent or which have been recorded in a manner which is subject to a special permit (e.g. shooting from the air, etc.) shall guarantee under criminal and material liability that they hold all necessary consent forms and legal authorisations for the use and publication of such photographs or that they give their unconditioned consent by applying to this call (e.g. they hold parental rights and consent to the publication of such photographs).

The applicant has the right to refuse the signing of the offered authorship contract and shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by this refusal.


The right of authorship SHALL NOT COVER ideas, procedures, methods of work or mathematical concepts as such, discoveries, official texts on the topic of legislation, administration and other official works, as well as collections of such works, which have been published for the purpose of informing the public, daily news and other pieces of news that serve as regular media information.


PERSONAL DATA – collection and use

Only for:

  • communicating with the applicants with regards to the signing of separate contracts, as well as for additional clarification in connection with the application to the current call
  • the needs of the current call and the signing of the contract, as well as for exercising the rights and obligations based on the mandatory relationship and the use of the copyright which is to be defined by a separate contract